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One reason that you might have to file a car accident lawsuit is because of the failure to come to an agreeable settlement. The insurance company thinks they know the value of the case to them. It is based upon their experience handling similar claims and how similar claims have been handled in the jurisdiction in which the case would be tried if it had to go to court.

On the other hand Don Mathews & Associates have their own view on the value of your case, as do you. It is the job of the attorney and it is the job of the insurance representative, both which represent their own respective clients, to come up with a proper settlement. This requires flexibility and patience. It also requires a true understanding of the value of the case. You can be assured that we will represent you every step of the way. If the insurance company does not operate in good faith and provide a reasonable and fair settlement, Don Mathews will be at your side to allow a jury of your peers at trial to reach the proper valuation. Mr. Mathews personally appears and represents all of his clients at trial should the insurance company not reasonably value your case.

Other Accident Claims and Practice Areas

Don Mathews & Associates represent people who have also suffered from personal injuries in various cases including:

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