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Personal Injury Claims

Insurance companies often base their willingness to pay your claim - and how much to offer - based on whether the company believes it will win or lose your case at trial. Far more personal injury cases settle than go to trial. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that most people and companies do not look forward to going through a lengthy and potentially expensive jury trial. These facts are well-known to insurance companies, and insurers often use the cost and inconvenience of trial in an effort to avoid paying their fair share for your injury and damages.

Because we fully understand personal injury cases, we are familiar with the many different types of insurance companies and how they evaluate injury cases. Additionally, we constantly perform settlement and jury verdict research. Constant research and knowledge of how insurance companies think provides us with an informed basis for evaluating your case and allows us to achieve excellent settlement and trial results.

Our philosophy is to demonstrate to the insurance company that we are willing to take your case to trial if settlement negotiations fail to achieve a fair offer. We thoroughly prepare our cases for negotiation and jury trial.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Insurance Bad Faith describes a claim that an insured person has against an insurance company for its bad acts. Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the persons they insure which exists by operation of law in every insurance contract. If an insurance company violates that covenant, the insured person or policy holder may sue the insurance company on a tort claim in addition to breach of contract claim. The end result is that the plaintiff in an insurance bad faith case may be able to recover an amount larger than the original face value of the policy, if the insurance company's conduct was particularly egregious.

At Don Mathews & Associates, our attorneys will help you determine whether you have a valid insurance bad faith claim and are committed to obtaining the maximum amount you are entitled to under the law.

Our experience working with all types of insurance companies allows our law office to efficiently handle every claim.

We have only touched on a couple of types of insurance settlements, but we can assure you we've also handled numerous depositions and conducted trials related to most types of insurance claims, including fire, medical and other types of property claims.

We keep you involved in the settlement and trial process. Before any settlement discussions are entered into, we will let you know how much you will receive from a settlement after attorney fees and costs and medical bills, liens, and insurance reimbursements are paid. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how insurance companies view your case.

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Settlements and Verdicts

The following settlements are intended to provide information on our firm experience for a variety of cases. The circumstances for each case is unique and the result for one case does not guarantee the same outcome for another case. These are only a very small sample of claims we deal with on a day to day basis.

Millions of Dollars in BP Oil Spill Negligence Claims

Property Damage
House caught fire and burnt to ground. Insrance company denied on coverage issue

Automobile Accident Settlement
Uninsured/Insured Motorist coverage and bodily injury settlement

Negligence Settlement for Appraisal of Real Estate
Negligence in appraising value of constructed real estate

Slip and Fall Accident Settlement
Slip and fall injury at a place of business

Fire Damage Insurance Settlement
Plaintiff home was destroyed by fire and maximized claim from insurance company

Negligence Settlement for Appraisal of Real Estate
Negligence in appraising value of constructed real estate

Automobile Accident Settlement
Settlement for foot injury from automobile accident

Defamation Suit
Fraud and slander jury trial award as a result of false criminal investigation against the plaintiff

Property Damage and Personal Injury Settlement
Negligence of service repair facility to improperly repair vehicle caused plaintiff to suffer injuries as a result of driving the vehicle

Automobile Accident Settlement
Settlement for personal injury from automobile accident and insurance company contested liability

General Contractor Breach of Contract to Subcontractor Settlement
Failure to pay subcontractor from general contractor for services provided for a real estate project

Automobile Accident Settlement
Right hip, leg pain and chronic neck pain aggravated by the automobile accident

Insurance Claim and Credit Dispute Settlement
Insurance company wrongfully and improperly denied claim, thus breaching contractual obligations to plaintiff

Slip and Fall Accident - Homeowner's Insurance
Tenant suffered knee injury from slip and fall occurring at homeowner's premise from spike installed for use of chaining dogs in homeowner's backyard

Automobile Accident Settlement
Settlement for soft tissue injury from automobile accident

Defense of Breach of Contract
Successfully defended breach of contract of real estate transaction

Slip and Fall Injury Settlement
Slip and fall injury as a result of plaintiff slipping on debris at a place of business

Don Mathews & Associates has successfully defended thousands of contract disputes in addition to the above mentioned settlements. Don Mathews & Associates has helped many clients obtain favorable settlements in Lee County and throughout the State of Florida.

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